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GreatWonder Farm, Livingston NY

GreatWonder Farm, in Livingston, NY, is a robust, 127 acre agroforestry project that aims to profit from growing high value crops using earth-nurturing methods. We have taken dormant farmland and planted a mix of 11 species that will bring harvests of a wide variety of fruits, nuts and timber. At the same time, GreatWonder Farm and our regenerative farming practices will drawdown carbon from the atmosphere while revitalizing the soil. In the bigger picture, we would like to help bring about positive change for farmers in the area, share what we learn and help them to become more profitable and to grow food in a more sustainable and profitable way.



GreatWonder Farm, Livingston NY Timeline

  • GreatWonder purchased 127 acres of dormant farmland in Livingston, New York


  • Partnered with the Propagate Group to help design, develop and manage the farm and to transition acreage to agroforestry
  • Planted over 2000 trees including Chinese Chestnuts, Black Currants, Black Locust Timber, Curly Poplar Timber and Biodiversity Buffer Species
  • Planted 2nd round of trees - an additional 16,000 trees
  • Installed irrigation water system
  • Celebrated 1st Annual Spring Event – celebrated the farm’s progress with Friends and Family


  • First small harvest of Chestnuts and Black Currants


  • Leased a portion of property to Bee Hollow Farm an organic beekeeper to raise bees and produce all-natural honey products
  • Celebrated 2nd Annual Spring Event
  • Launched “Make a Tribute” campaign – a unique opportunity to purchase a Tree Marker to honor family, friends and loved ones by naming an area of trees on GreatWonder Farm


  • First “official” black currant harvest
  • Partnered with Current Cassis who made special batches of Cassis with our currants

GreatWonder Farm, Lexington TN

Presently our farm is making a welcome home for our neighbors cows. We are developing our long term plans for another regenerative farm. Stay tuned!

Our current tenants out for a jog: