GreatWonder Farm, Livingston NY
GreatWonder Farm, Livingston NY

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About Us


GreatWonder invests in projects that nurture the earth and try to make a profit while doing so. Positive impact on the environment and solid financial returns are of equal value when measuring the success of GreatWonder and each of its ventures and investments. 
We are a multigenerational family enterprise that takes the long view on our portfolio, our partnerships, our local communities, and our planet.  We want to not just be stewards of the land, but also a force for thoughtful decision-making, for positive change, and for optimism about the steps we can take today, to shape the world we leave for future generations. 

GreatWonder News


GreatWonder is proud to announce the purchase of our 2nd farm located in Lexington, Tennessee.

Presently our new farm is making a welcome home for our neighbors cows. We are developing our long term plans for another regenerative farm. Stay tuned!